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Leonard Wong

Software Engineer @ NCS Pte. Ltd.


Leonard is a Software Engineer at NCS Pte. Ltd., under its Nucleus 2.0 Program. He graduated from Singapore Management University (SMU) with a Bachelor of Science (Information Systems), Information Systems Major (Cyber Security), under Quantedge Foundation Scholarship. During his university studies, he did a total of 47 weeks of internship, including six weeks in Santa Clara, California (Silicon Valley), under MPA Global Internship Award 2019. Before SMU, he was a student at Nanyang Polytechnic (NYP), where he attained a Diploma in Business Informatics with Merit. Leonard is a driven person and always seeks to produce high-quality work that he is proud to call his own. He is also conscientiously striving to acquire new knowledge and skills as and when he can.



Singapore Management University

Aug 2017 - 19 Jan 2022

• Bachelor of Science (Information Systems): Major in Cyber Security
• Quantedge Foundation Scholarship
• MPA Global Internship Award


Nanyang Polytechnic

Aug 2017 - Dec 2021

• Diploma in Business Informatics with Merit
• 4 Distinctions & 13 A’s out of 23 modules
• Director’s List AY2014/2015 – AY2016/2017
(Attained Director’s List every semester)
• Edusave Merit Bursary
• Edusave Skills Award


Gachon University

Sep - Dec 2015

• Overseas Exchange Student during AY2015/2016 Semester 2 at Gachon University (GPA: 4.1/4.5)

 Career Experience


NCS Pte. Ltd.

 Software Engineer
4 Jan 2022 - Present

00 month(s) 00 day(s)


Singapore Management University

 Research Assistant
6 Dec - 24 Dec 2021 (3-weeks)
 Remote, Singapore


Alpha Ori Technologies Pte. Ltd.

 Maritime Tech Solutions Intern
4 May - 31 Jul 2020 (13-weeks)
 Remote, Singapore

  Intern (Under MPA Global Internship Award 2019)
 13 May - 2 Aug 2019 (12-weeks)
 Singapore & Silicon Valley (Santa Clara)


Thome Ship Management Pte. Ltd.

 IT Intern
 7 May - 5 Oct 2018 (22-weeks)


Rightspot Pte. Ltd.

 Jul - Oct 2016 (12-weeks)



 Contributing Writer (Freelance)
 Jul - Dec 2013 (6-months)
 Remote, Singapore


image XSS for the Masses: Integrating Security in a Web Programming Course using a Security Scanner

27th annual conference on Innovation and Technology in Computer Science Education (ITiCSE 2022) · Apr 26, 2022

Nominated for Best Paper Award in ITiCSE 2022 Conference

Authored by: Lwin Khin Shar, Kyong Jin Shim, Christopher M. Poskitt & Li Ying Leonard Wong

View Publication 


image DevOps Engineering and Automation

National University of Singapore: Institute of Systems Science

Issued Mar 2022 • No Expiration Date

View Certification 
image Professional Scrum Master™ I (PSM I)

Issued Feb 2022 • No Expiration Date
Credential ID 766959

View Certification 
image Bachelor of Science: Information Systems

Major in Cyber Security

Singapore Management University

Issued Jan 2022 • No Expiration Date

View Certification 
image Diploma in Business Informatics with Merit

Nanyang Polytechnic

Issued May 2017 • No Expiration Date

View Certification

 Project Experience


image Personal Portfolio v2 (Personal Project)

• Dec 2020 - Present
Presenting portfolio differently

00 year(s) 00 month(s) 00 day(s)
Bootstrap HTML CSS Javascript


image myIPSW (Personal Project)

• Jan 2020 - Jan 2022
Using API to develop a website that provides download link to all Apple firmwares

HTML CSS Javascript jQuery JSON ASP.NET C# API
image SMU Seat Occupancy Project (School Project)

• Jan - April 2021
IoT Project that will detect whether the seat had been occupied

GitHub Medium
HTML CSS JSON ASP.NET C# MySQL Python3 Raspberry Pi
image Project Vendors (Corporate Project)

• 4 May - 31 July 2020
Collection of data via API from 3 different vendors to determine which vendors the company should use

GitHub GitHub GitHub
HTML CSS Javascript jQuery JSON ASP.NET C# AWS DynamoDB API for data collection

image Project XMLData (Corporate Project)

• 4 May - 31 July 2020
Conversion of billions of aggregated data and upload to AWS DynamoDB

HTML CSS Javascript jQuery JSON ASP.NET C# AWS DynamoDB
image BIOS (School Project)

• Aug - Dec 2019
Recreated SMU Module bidding system

HTML CSS Javascript jQuery PHP AWS DynamoDB

image rPiAIS (Corporate Project)

• 13 May - 2 Aug 2019
Built & configured AIS Dispatcher

CLI RPiAIS software Raspberry Pi 3B+
image Ship Agency Portal (Corporate Project)

• 5 May - 5 Oct 2018
Digitalizing Agency Department to reduce miscommunication

HTML CSS Javascript jQuery JSON ASP.NET C#
image Enterprise Analytics Portal (Corporate Project)

• 5 May - 5 Oct 2018
Providing a dashboard of critical information to complement decisions

image Vessel Information Portal (Corporate Project)

• 5 May - 5 Oct 2018
Detailed overview of vessels information

HTML CSS Javascript jQuery JSON ASP.NET C# OpenStreetMap API OpenSeaMap API OpenCycleMap API Nominatim API Polestarglobal API

image Custom URL Shortener (Personal Project)

• Jan 2020 - Present
Shorten link with custom domain

image Personal Portfolio v1 (Personal Project)

• Mar 2017 - Dec 2020
Presenting portfolio differently

MaterializeCSS HTML CSS Javascript jQuery JSON ASP.NET C#
image ltl96 Telegram Bot (Personal Project)

May 2017
Presenting portfolio differently via Telegram

image PMD Renting Platform (School Project)

• Oct 2016 - Feb 2017
A quick and easy way to rent a PMD for a ride

HTML CSS Javascript jQuery JSON ASP.NET C# MaterializeCSS Digits API Cloudinary API Twilio SMS API PayPal API Braintree API SimplifyCommerce API pdfSharp API Clarifal Image Recognition API sweetalert API
image  NYP Student Attendance System (Final Year Project)

• May - Jul 2016
Overhaul user interface with responsive design

HTML CSS Javascript jQuery JSON ASP.NET C# MaterializeCSS
image E-Business & Project (School Project)

• Apr - Aug 2015
Easy and innovative way to shop for wigs, without the shame

HTML CSS Javascript jQuery JSON ASP.NET C# Stripe API Twilio SMS API PDFSharp
image Object-Oriented Programming (School Project)

• Oct 2014 - Feb 2015
Better Shopping experience through a software system

image Web Applications Development (School Project)

• Oct 2014 - Feb 2015
Create a responsive website

HTML CSS Javascript jQuery

 CCA & Volunteer Experience

• Mentor • 20 April - 27 April 2018
• Mentor • 1 Feb 2019 - 3 May 2019
• Project Co-Leader & Mentor • 23 August 2019 - 22 November 2019
• Mentor • 17 Jan 2020 - 3 March 2020
• Mentor • 18 September 2020 - 11 November 2020

• Assist with lead teacher to ensure students does their work
• Helping the students to have access to resources that will help them be on the same playing field as their peers, regardless of their background or financial capability

• Oct 2017 • Sub-Committee Member
• 12 Jan to 8 Nov 2018 • 8th Executive Committee & Honorary Financial Secretary

• Planned and organized a Ministerial dialogue session, in collaboration with REACH & MINDEF, for Minister for Education (Higher Education and Skills) & Second Minister for Defence Mr. Ong Ye Kung with over 90 attendees across the public sector, JC & university
• Hosted the dialogue session with Senior Minister of State Dr. Janil Puthucheary's with over 20 attendees, in collaboration with
• Responsible for all financial matters including but not limited to budgeting & claims
• Planned, organized and executed the Book Launch for SMU Board of Trustees Chairman, Founder & Executive Chairman of Banyan Tree Holdings, Ho Kwon Ping